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Meet Judith Surowiec

Judith Surowiec has been making art with acrylics and colored pencils for over 50 years.  She has created a body of work using acrylics on flat , folded or even crumpled canvas. 


Surowiec is full of enthusiasm which helps others feel the excitement found in the arts.  She does this by painting demos in schools, talking about her artistic journey, teaching the medium and always stopping her work for a gentle critique for a fellow artist.  Judith graduated from SUNY, Buffalo, NY with a BS degree in art education and also spent 15 years studying with Joseph Perrin, professor emeritus of Georgia State School of Art.  He helped her to embrace creativity and be not afraid.  

She is a founder of the Valley Artist Association in Peekskill, NY and Dunwoody Arts and Crafts Guild, Georgia.  Her work can be found in several books on colored pencil and acrylic painting.   

        Judith lives and works outside of Atlanta, GA and has a studio in the

                        Tannery Row Artist Colony in Buford GA.


Recent Work:
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